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        Apr 8, 2021

Web Hosting Service – factors and criteria for choosing our partners

Data centers – factors and criteria for choosing our partners

The quality of а web hosting service is fully dependent on the reliability of the partnering data center(s). There is nothing more conductive to a web host’s peace of mind than the presence of a smooth, reliable and scalable data center service. After all, this is what a provider’s reputation in the eyes of clients […]


        Nov 25, 2020

NVMe SSDs—The Unleashed Power of Flash Storage


In recent years, flash-based SSDs storage have been making it to the primary computer market, thanks to the blazing fast speeds it offers. This has been facilitated by the continuing improvements in manufacturing technology and chip capacity, which has allowed for a consistent decrease in flash memory prices. Besides being focused on affordability, manufacturers have […]


        Jul 22, 2020

The new PHP 8.0 (Alpha) version has been added to the Control Panel


Recently, the PHP team has announced the first testing release of PHP 8.0.0, Alpha. This has started the release cycle of PHP 8.0, which is expected to make its official, in-production debut by the end of the year. PHP 8.0 represents a new major version that will introduce some breaking changes, as well as a host […]


        Feb 7, 2020

Cloudflare CDN: How to Enable on your Website

cloudflare cdn

Cloudflare CDN, A slow-loading website is one of the most common flaws that drive away your customers. Many businesses are unaware of the impact that website loading time can have on SERPs and customer retention. While many reasons may hamper the loading time of your website, the best you can do is use a Content […]


        Jan 9, 2020

UI and UX: 3 Important Differences

UX and UI

If you are a User Experience (UX) design expert, chances are, you’re also expected to know some User Interface (UI) design skills. Today’s industry, both UI and UX must work together to ensure an efficient and aesthetically pleasing web design.  If this is the first time you’ve heard of UI in a UX world or vice versa, […]

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