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        Feb 7, 2020

Cloudflare CDN: How to Enable on your Website

cloudflare cdn

Cloudflare CDN, A slow-loading website is one of the most common flaws that drive away your customers. Many businesses are unaware of the impact that website loading time can have on SERPs and customer retention. While many reasons may hamper the loading time of your website, the best you can do is use a Content […]


        Mar 4, 2019

Vue.js: Why Build Native Apps

vue.js framework javascript

Building native apps in Javascript using Vue.js has become one of the most popular solutions due to the easy learning curve of this tool. If you’re used to component-based workflow with props, you will find things familiar with Vue. Developers who have experience with Angular or React will find familiarity with directives in the framework. Vue native […]


        Feb 18, 2019

MEAN stack vs LAMP stack: Choosing the right stack for your business

lamp stack

Development is a crucial part of any online business and choosing the right development stack goes a long way. For a long time, developers have been using the LAMP stack. However, with the advancement of technology and shift in the approach of dealing with web applications, web developers are gradually shifted towards the MEAN stack. […]


        Sep 19, 2018

Backlinking Tips to Get Your SEO Rankings Through the Roof!


SEO is definitely important for your customer’s website. When you’ve built an amazing website, designed it to look great but have no or low visitors, you’ve got a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization. We tell you how you could get SEO rankings up […]

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