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news Domain Extension

Get Your New Domain Extensions with Promo Prices

Let your customers benefit from the domain extension that gives them the best platform to showcase their story Р.NEWS Domain Extension! 
Now get .NEWS at CloudRocket, at only $24.40.

Why .NEWS domains Extension?

  • Perfect fit for journalists, editors, pr agencies & news professionals
  • Great way to represent a page that houses updates, upcoming events, sales, news, etc
  • Creates a memorable path to newsworthy content
  • Recognized quickly by SEO engines to direct more traffic

Help your customers get traction for their stories with the short and savvy .NEWS domain extension.

The new domain extensions to you and your clients improve the SEO positioning of the website. The extensions have attractive words related to your business, company or institutional brand.

Get .NEWS extension at only $24.40. Offer valid till January 31st, 2019.

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