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        Apr 8, 2021

Web Hosting Service – factors and criteria for choosing our partners

Data centers – factors and criteria for choosing our partners

The quality of а web hosting service is fully dependent on the reliability of the partnering data center(s). There is nothing more conductive to a web host’s peace of mind than the presence of a smooth, reliable and scalable data center service. After all, this is what a provider’s reputation in the eyes of clients […]


        Dec 17, 2017

The ease of starting your own hosting business with CloudRocket

hosting business

Reseller hosting has been around for more than a decade now, with plenty of companies offering you sure-fire ways to build your own company and start offering web hosting business services to your own customer base. While the majority of reseller hosting providers offer a proven formula for success, starting your own store with them […]


        Nov 15, 2017

SSL certificates now enabled on all stores for the sake of a more secure 2017


Recently, there has been an unprecedented, stringent rush towards a more secure, SSL certificates -protected online environment initiated by authorities like Google. Starting January 2017, Google’s Chrome 56 browser will be alerting users of unprotected login and signup pages, and this is just the first step towards ‘declaring’ all HTTP pages virtually ‘non grata’. To […]


        Nov 14, 2017

13 tips to start a web hosting business

  Web hosting is a tempting business, with hundreds of new resellers trying out their luck on this lucrative market each month. However, only a few of them manage to survive for more than 3 months. Even less last an entire year. And only a handful operate at a profit. With 13 years of reseller […]

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