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The new fully revamped Hepsia Control Panel is now officially out

June 20, 2018

The new fully revamped Hepsia Control Panel is now officially out

The new version of the┬áHepsia Control Panel, which has been running in beta mode for a few months now, has just been launched officially throughout our network of partners and their clients. You and your customers can now leverage of a fully reworked dashboard, which features a sleek design and offers a much simplified interface […]

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13 tips to start a web hosting business

November 14, 2017

  Web hosting is a tempting business, with hundreds of new resellers trying out their luck on this lucrative market each month. However, only a few of them manage to survive for more than 3 months. Even less last an entire year. And only a handful operate at a profit. With 13 years of reseller […]

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A Free Trial enabled for all web hosting packages

November 11, 2017


  Starting today, users will be prompted to pay for their package after they log into their Control Panel instead of having to submit the payment information on your stores. Also, prospects will be given a 1-month free trial period, within which they can try out our web hosting services instead of rushing into payment […]

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