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The new template's design is fully responsive and will adapt itself to all common screen resolutions, platforms and orientation types. Now your store will have the capacity to automatically respond to your customers' browsing preferences and thus to offer an optimal viewing experience and hence – higher customer engagement and lower bounce rates.

The responsive theme will ensure easy reading and smooth navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling, across a wide range of devices – from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones.


Now you will have 100% control over the layout of your web hosting store. Using the template's point-and-click layout controls, you will be able to re-shape your store theme from top to bottom, with no special web design or technical skills required. You'll have the ability to customize your template just as easily as you'd customize a mobile application, for example.

All the changes that you make will be visualized for you in real time in a preview box, with an option to select a resolution based on a particular device (PC, tablet or mobile phone).


The content itself takes up about 50% of all the work on a given site. By default, your store will come with its own unique SEO-optimized content for all the pages and promotional banners. This way, you will not need to bother fiddling with your website content to optimize it for the search engines and for the visitors. You will have everything pre-set and loaded for you the moment your store is installed.

However, if you want to change a line or a whole paragraph to your liking, you can do so with a click of the mouse. Also, you can edit the metadata to reflect a change in the content. It is that simple and easy.


Each page on your store will be fully optimized around a certain top keyword or phrase. The keyword will be featured in all basic elements of the page - the URL, the metadata, the <'h1'> title and the content. This way, your site will be fully eligible to compete for a top position in search engines right from the start.

After kickoff, we'll be updating your store automatically at regular intervals. We'll add new pages and content periodically to make search engines know that your site is evolving and needs special attention.


Тhe theme comes with an in-built admin panel through which you can make all the customizations that you want. You will not have any contact with the code, so managing your web store will be like setting up a social media profile, for example.

However, if you are experienced in web development and want to make some tweaks to the page formatting, you can use the inline text editor tool and change the code directly. If you need assistance with the theme, you can contact us for support 24/7/365.


The new theme is available to you for free and will be hosted on our servers at no charge. All you need to do is become a member of our reseller hosting program and select the theme for your store from your Reseller Control Panel.

There will be no hidden fees or maintenance costs for you after setting up the store. We will give you the ready-to-go theme gratis, so that you can save both money and time and dedicate all the resources to building a winning marketing strategy for your hosting business.


The new hosting theme is fully compatible with our system, so all the changes you make from your Reseller Control Panel will be immediately available on your store. Also, you can make changes to the offered services and their pricing whenever you like. They will be updated on your store within seconds.

Just like with the theme's frontend, there is nothing to configure on your end. It's all a matter of simple point and click actions to have your service updates reflected on your store.

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