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Backlinking Tips to Get Your SEO Rankings Through the Roof!

September 19, 2018


SEO is definitely important for your customer’s website. When you’ve built an amazing website, designed it to look great but have no or low visitors, you’ve got a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization. We tell you how you could get SEO rankings up […]

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The Battle of the Blogging Platforms – Can Wix hold a candle to WordPress?

September 5, 2018


The terms ‘blog’ and ‘website’ are sometimes used interchangeably on the internet today. Therefore, let’s take a look at what really distinguishes a ‘blog’. What makes a blog? Web pages with a series of posts in chronological order that allow comments from readers. In other words, content that will be regularly churned out takes centre-stage. […]

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Swoole – a popular PHP network framework, has been enabled on our platform

August 28, 2018

swoole a popular PHP network framework, has been enabled on our platform

In recent years, Swoole Framework has taken over as the new best programming solution thanks to its scalability and to the performance boosting capabilities it boasts as a PHP extension. Swoole represents an event-driven network communication framework for asynchronous and parallel PHP requests, which is aimed at scaling up the performance of web applications. Based on the […]

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4 Easy Fixes to Restore Traffic Post Redesign

August 21, 2018

website redesign fixes

Redesigning is a big effort. The intent of redesign could be to improve content, design, product offerings, etc. to make your website more user-friendly, all in the effort to encourage more hits. However, while the purpose of redesign is to improve traffic or user experience or both, your website could actually see a decline in […]

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How to Use Custom CSS in WordPress

August 14, 2018

css wordpress

While WordPress offers users thousands of themes to use to launch a website as quickly and easily as possible, it does not disappoint those who would love to use an existing theme and still stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what most web professionals who want to set up their own website do […]

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