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We use the latest Dell server technology in our own data center to ensure that our customers get the best performance out of their websites.

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What Makes CloudRocket So Different?

We use the latest Dell server technology in our own data center to ensure that our customers get the best performance out of their websites. Our wide selection of Hosting services will cater to your hosting needs whether you're making a small, simple website, or a high-powered, high-traffic website. Our main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support.

Hosting Features
Hosting Features

Manage your sites with ease via our Point-and-click Control Panel. Domains, Email, Files, SQL, Firewall, VPN.

Daily Data Backups
Daily Data Backups

We backup your websites, databases, and emails on a daily basis and you can restore them anytime with a click.

24/7/365 Tech Support
24/7/365 Tech Support

We're here to help round the clock. Our in-house technicians are online anytime you may need assistance! 1-hour response time guaranteed!

Powerful Hardware
Powerful Hardware

The massive characteristics of our CPU's and the huge amount of RAM memory, SSD Disk, means that your website has the smoothest operation possible.

Frequently Questions

A regular hosting server is a single machine that houses a client's website. With cloud hosting, the site contents like files, databases, and emails are placed across different servers, which work together as one. This guarantees that your sites will remain intact in the event of a problem with any of the servers and ensures the stability of a hosting service.
With site contents being distributed across different servers, cloud hosting accounts are better protected from any hardware issue that might occur with any of these servers. Also, cloud hosting facilitates data backups which means that sites contents on cloud servers are much safer than on a single-server platform. And thanks to the improved network architecture your sites will be loading much faster on a cloud hosting platform.
Yes. Websites hosted on a cloud hosting platform enjoy better uptime, faster loading times, and reinforced stability. Also, they are better protected from any server hardware issues.

We invite you to test our cloud hosting services for a period of 30 days at your leisure, with no credit card required.
Yes. On a regular shared server, all sites share a limited amount of resources. With cloud hosting, the resource requests are distributed between a large number of servers, allowing for faster and better resource allocation, and much-improved site performance.
Thanks to modern data encryption technologies and with the data being shared across multiple servers, cloud hosting is even more secure than regular shared hosting services.

At ResellersPanel, we've been offering cloud hosting for more than 7 years and we haven't had a single security breach so far.
Our Starter and Business plans allow for a certain number of websites to be hosted. With our Corporate and Enterprise plans, you can have an unlimited number of websites located in the same cloud hosting account.
There is no single "best Wordpress Cloud Hosting" just like there is no single "best car" or "best watch". There are many different cloud hosting providers on the market offering variously packaged services, with their specific feature sets and levels of support.

At ResellersPanel, we believe we offer a cloud hosting service worth considering thanks to the great balance between quality, stability and price it . This is why we give customers 30 days of free trial so they can check out at their leisure the benefits of using our cloud hosting service.
Simply put, a cloud hosting reseller is someone who offers cloud hosting services by using third-party infrastructure. This helps cloud hosting resellers cut down costs on server hardware and maintenance, and allows them to focus their efforts and time on marketing their business.
To become a cloud hosting reseller you usually have to pay your provider a fixed recurring fee every month in order to have access to their infrastructure. With ResellersPanel, you can become a cloud hosting reseller for free, without having to pay any recurring fees or deposits.
With a white-label cloud hosting reseller program, you will act as the real provider in the eyes of your customers, as there is no branding from the cloud services provider. Usually, such programs require a monthly fee and a lot of effort to build your storefront.

With ResellersPanel, you can become a white-label cloud hosting reseller for free, with no monthly fees to cover whatsoever. We give you a choice of ready-made storefronts, which you can simply customize and brand to your taste. Also, we’ll provide a 24/7/365 tech service to your customers under your own brand. If you too need assistance managing your store, you can always reach out to us for help and advice.

Free Control Panel with Hepsia

Even if you’ve come up with the most brilliant idea for a site, if you don’t have the proper tools, it will remain unaccomplished. The mission of our Web Site Control Panel is to supply you with all the tools you require to swiftly convert the idea in your mind into a fully functional and regularly visited site.

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State of the Art Data Centre

At CloudRocket Hosting, we house our servers in highly-secure and ultra-modern Tier 4 data centres in United Kingdom, United States, Finland, Australia and Bulgaria, with BGP network redundancy provided by Simply Transit. We host over 35,000 customers in our state-of-the-art data centres serving over 1,000,000 websites world.

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