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        Nov 28, 2019

Benefits of country-code domain names (ccTLDs)

Despite being overshadowed by generic TLDs, domain names ccTLDs have always been there to provide a more targeted and memorable extension for your website name. Learn more about the key advantages of ccTLDs and check out the registries who take the most creative measures to promote their country-specific domain extensions as a way to combat gTLD monopolies. […]


        Nov 14, 2019

Should you use more than 1 domain name for Best your business site?

The dream domain name for your business is just in front of you – it is a perfect match for what you do, it seems to be available for registration and you are a click away from snapping it up. However, your enthusiasm gets weakened by the number of similar domain name suggestions on the search form. […]


        Oct 7, 2019

Good Domain Name: Know how can be a great branding tool

A good domain name is where your brand lives and conducts business. It is the destination where you drive your potential customers. It is your powerhouse, a place where you build your expertise and authority. Hence, picking a name is an important decision. Importance of a strong good domain name Deciding on a domain name […]


        May 16, 2019

Will new TLDs become the norm anytime soon? Know it gTLDs!

Bringing some fresh air to the market, new tlds domain extensions have gained a real momentum in recent years. Our partners at Radix – one of the largest nTLD registries (whom we have accreditation with), have made an overview of new gTLDs market trends based on the opinion of domain industry experts. The latter focus is on the factors […]


        Jan 23, 2019

Get Your .News Domain Extension with Promo Prices

Let your customers benefit from the domain extension that gives them the best platform to showcase their story – .NEWS Domain Extension! Now get .NEWS at CloudRocket, at only $24.40. Why .NEWS domain Extension? Perfect fit for journalists, editors, pr agencies & news professionals Great way to represent a page that houses updates, upcoming events, sales, news, […]


        Nov 20, 2018

How to protect and manage your domain name

Owning a domain name is not only about making a registration and leaving it in the hands of the registrar. It is a long-term commitment to protecting it from expiration and common poor practices like unauthorized transfers and hijacking. Check out the good practices for managing domain registrations and keeping them safe from harm as recommended by ICANN. Keep […]


        Nov 13, 2018

Best Highlights from the latest domain name industry report

Earlier this month, Verisign – the global leader in domain name industry and Internet security services, released its latest domain name industry report, which offers an up-to-date insight into the global TLD market trends. The report covers the second quarter of 2018 and gives valuable information about the TLD performance dynamics on the domain market. […]


        Nov 6, 2018

Best Domain names and SEO: Everything you need to know!

The two most frequently asked questions that business owners ask in the context of Domain names and SEO when buying a domain name are: 1.      Do domain names affect SEO? 2.      How do new domains help with search rankings? In this post, we’ll solve the mystery sans the complicated jargon. A new website is like a blank […]


        Oct 16, 2018

WordPress website: Best Fixing the 500 Internal Server Error

Remember the time you tried logging in to your WordPress website and it would take forever to load? And finally, just when you thought it was about to load, there appeared a doodle with a hammer or a screwdriver trying to fix something! You guessed it right! We are talking about the 500 internal server […]


        Oct 2, 2018

How to Best 1 redirect www to non www and vice-versa

In one of my earlier articles, I talked about URL redirect www, covering why website owners choose to redirect their websites to a different domain, the difference between Permanent Redirect (301) and 302 Redirect, its implications on SEO and, in turn, your website. Once you’ve decided to redirect your website, it is equally important to […]


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