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        Jan 9, 2020

UI and UX : 3 Important Differences

If you are a User Experience (UI and UX) design expert, chances are, you’re also expected to know some User Interface (UI) design skills. Today’s industry, both UI and UX must work together to ensure an efficient and aesthetically pleasing web design.  If this is the first time you’ve heard of UI in a UX world or […]


        Aug 3, 2019

A brand new Site Builder integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a brand new, sleek and absolutely newbie-friendly Site Builder. It will replace the ages-old Site Studio and is designed to help users build super cool, modern-looking websites from scratch with just a few clicks.  The new Site Builder is integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel […]


        Mar 18, 2019

The Specific Tips to Understand and Implement Interaction Design

And a big part of doing so has to do with Implement Interaction Design. In the highly competitive digital sphere, providing the best user experiences is the key to building lasting relationships with customers. Below, we will discuss the concept of interaction design, the value it brings to businesses, and tips on how to implement […]


        Aug 21, 2018

4 Easy Fixes to Restore Traffic Post Redesign

4 Easy Fixes to Restore Traffic. The intent of redesign could be to improve content, design, product offerings, etc. to make your website more user-friendly, all in the effort to encourage more hits. However, while the purpose of redesign is to improve traffic or user experience or both, your website could actually see a decline […]


        Aug 14, 2018

How to Best Use Custom CSS in WordPress

Custom CSS in WordPress – While WordPress offers users thousands of themes to use to launch a website as quickly and easily as possible, it does not disappoint those who would love to use an existing theme and still stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what most web professionals who want to set […]


        Aug 3, 2018

Does Writing Impact UI

We are surrounded by writing be it in the form of news bulletins, articles, emails, listicles etc. both in the physical and virtual world. It is in this regard, that messages need to be universally understood by everyone irrespective of who is reading them. In this article, we’ll discuss if writing impacts UI and also […]


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